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O-Rings and Static Seals

One of the most versatile and most highly used sealing components in industry is the O-Ring. This product is for used to achieve a static seal against fluid and gas media on machine parts.

The most prominent feature of the O-Rings are their functional reliability. That is why ISC is part of its name, standing for International Specified Certified, a stamp of approval for availability on every world market, profound materials knowledge and certified processes throughout the production workflow. Medical Technology, Agricultural Machinery, Mechanical Engineering, Fittings, Power Tools, Household Appliances, Shipbuilding, Energy Technology, Industrial Engines.

Simmerrings and Rotary Seals

Simmerrings attain reliable seals on all rotating shafts. Based on many years of experience and the very latest technology, rotary shaft seals feature high functional reliability, flexibility and can withstand extreme forces.

Our well-known Simmerring evolved with each new technical advancement, such as the optimized sealing lip profiles. This allowed even greater performance reliability—across a wide range of applications. A high degree of operational reliability, long service life, easy installation.

Seals for Fluid Power

Fluid Power covers all application processes involving energy or power transfer using fluids (gases and fluids). This product area is broken down into:

Hydraulic systems: Hydraulic systems which transfer energy using hydraulic fluids. Energy stored as pressure in actuators is transformed into force and motion in cylinders and engines.

Pneumatic systems: Pneumatic solutions required the transfer of energy using a gas such as compressed air. The energy stored in compressed air is transformed into force and motion by means of an actuator.

Potential application areas: Agricultural and Mechanical Engineering, Straddle Carriers, Pumps, Injection Molding Machines, Steel and Foundry Industry, General Mechanical Engineering.

Special Sealing Products

Vibration control components made by Freudenberg Sealing Technologies deliver efficient protection from vibration and noise, ensuring longer service life and enhanced operating comfort.

Bellows, consist of moveable bellows tubing which looks like an accordion and two connecting elements for anchoring the bellow to a base. They protect axial-motion rods and also protect machine parts from dirt, sprayed water, dust and from the effects of weather.

Diaphragms, consists of elastomeric materials and are used for separating two component spaces with a tight yet flexible partition while allowing changes in volume between the two separated spaces.

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies supplies its customers with elastomeric compounds and precision molded parts as efficient product solutions as special, build-to-order sealing and vibration control applications. The most advanced materials technology and pioneering processes in product and tool design ensure a precision product is delivered to the customer.

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